About the Haagse Longboardtôg

After ten years of experience in organizing the Haagse Skatetôg for inline skaters and roller skaters, we thought it would be neat if we were the first to organize a Longboardtôg in the Netherlands. Since Longboarding is the fastest growing way of sports and transportation at the moment, an organized Longboard cruising tour would definitely be appreciated, we thought. On 12 June 2012 it all happened and an enthousiatic group of longboarders were cruising along the streets of The Hague. The response was so overwhelming, we decided to organise two Longboardtôgten in 2013! Again, both Longboardtôgten were a succes and we decided to organise two Longboardtôgten in 2014 as well. Unfotunately, because of the rain we had to cancel the second Longboardtôg. However, despite of the disappointment, we planned two Longboardtôgten again in 2015 as well as in 2016 and 2017. And we will continue this tradition. In 2018, two Longboardtôgten are planned again.  

Imagine, cruising along the streets of The Hague, safely led by police and experienced traffic regulators on inline skates!

The Longboardtôg will not be a competition, but a relaxed cruising tour, jamming to the rocking tunes of our live DJ.
At the tour, we will have to stops where you can rest or fooling around with your board.

Target Group?

Everyone with a longboard and enjoying to roll along with us is invited. Some experience will understandingly be required, for your own safety and the safety of other participants. We strongly recommend, however, to wear protection.

Participation is free, we only require you to register prior to the longboarding tour. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation.
We can hardly wait until the next Longboardtôg, hopefully it is the same to you! Please register as soon as possible and help us out inviting as much friends as possible.

Have a chat after the tour

After the tour, you will be able to buy some beverages at the Rolhockey track and have a chat with your (boarding) friends.


The organization would like to emphasis on wearing suitable protection: wrist, elbow, knee protection and a helmet. The speed of the tour will be not too high, however, longboarding at a group will be different from boarding on your own. Not all the participants might be as experienced as you are.
Therefore, although not mandatory, wearing protection is highly recommended.


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Today, the first Longboardtôg of 2018!

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