Today, last Longboardtôg of 2018!

26 August 2018 - Although the wetter is not so much Summer as we were used to last few weeks, it still is a nice day for a longboard ride. And for sure, that will be possible today at the Haagse Longboardtôg. We w... Continue reading >>

Today, the first Longboardtôg of 2018!

10 June 2018 - It is going to be a beautiful day for a nice cruise on a longboard. Sunny, nice temperatures, not too hot, fairly wind. How lucky, today the first Longboardtôg of 2018 will take place. So, reg... Continue reading >>

Today, last Longboardtôg of 2017

20 August 2017 - It's going to be a nice day. Not just because it is the last day of the summer holiday (at least, the school holiday in the middle region), but also concerning the weather. And although it is not the ... Continue reading >>

Yes, Longboardtôg SUNday is there :-)

11 June 2017 - You can't get it wrong, just look outside and you know, the first Longboardtôg of 2017 will be there today! It's going to be a wonderful day with blue skies, lots of sun, nice temperatures and... Continue reading >>

Longboardtóg?... Yes, sure!

28 August 2016 - After some refreshing rain showers this morning, the sky gets fairly clear again. It will be a nice day today, as it seems, definitely for a beautiful Longboardtóg showing the nicest spots (read: par... Continue reading >>

Longboardtóg will start :-)

12 June 2016 - At the moment (around noon), a small front is passing The Hague. However, there will be hardly any rain, if any and the sky will clear up shortly. And with the nice temperatures, the streets will dry ... Continue reading >>

The dates for 2016...

31 March 2016 - Again, a winter has passed silently, although the weather was good enough to cruise on. And while the past weeks everyone was aching for higher outside temperatures, it looks like beautiful spring wea... Continue reading >>

The data are known

3 April 2015 - You could hardly call It a winter this year, and it was very well possible cruising the hole winter. But this leads to the hunger for a Longboardtóg. There have been some very nice days and Spri... Continue reading >>

Longboardtóg cancelled... :-(

17 August 2014 - We had good hoop that today would be a good day (or at least good enough) for the Longboardtóg. Unfortunately, the weather forecast for this afternoon doesn't look too good: rain, fair wind and no su... Continue reading >>

Nice Longboarding weather!

22 June 2014 - It's a great day today with nice temperatures to board. So, time for a party, a Longboardtóg party! We're starting this year from a different location in theZuiderpark of The Hague: the running track... Continue reading >>

New season, new starting place

30 April 2014 - A new season of the Haagse Longboardtóg is close to begin. We are busy with the preperations. Among them, we have looked and found a new location for the start of the Longboardtóg: our friends ... Continue reading >>

The Longboardtóg will start!

18 August 2013 - The rain has gone, the sun is taking over from the clouds more and more. Temperatures ar rising slowly, streats are getting dry. So, good weather for the Longboardtóg! We are ready, DJ Marcel is r... Continue reading >>

Nice Longboard weather on Sunday

17 August 2013 - When we look at the weather forecast for the upcoming 24 hours, it looks promising. On Sunday morning there will be a slight chance on some very light rain. But in the afternoon, it will be dry, with ... Continue reading >>

We will start!!!

23 June 2013 - The weather for this afternoon looks promissing, the chances for rain are very small. So we will start the first Longboardtóg of 2013 this afternoon! Come and join us at the nicest Longboardtóg of T... Continue reading >>

For now, the Longboardtóg will go on

23 June 2013 - We really hoped we would wake up this morning and could say: "What a wunderful shiny day for the Longboardtóg." Unfortunately, the weather gods decided to play with us for a little while. When we lo... Continue reading >>

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